Additional Carbide Tiling

Our clients occasionally find that base products they’ve bought from their suppliers don’t perform as well as they should. If you’re finding problem
wear areas on any steel alloy product, we can add significant protection with tungsten carbide tiling. We have a huge range of tungsten carbide sizes and shapes that can fit any product. Our experienced workshop staff ensure optimal adhesion for strong, durable protection.


Our workshop is equipped with a large machine shop containing manual and CNC machines, as well as a weld bay, part dressing room, and dedicated brazing stations.

Occasionally clients need to modify their existing tooling for upcoming projects. We’re able to quickly rework bulk items in whatever ways you need. With a strong team of technical staff, we can assist in ensuring modifications are correct the first time so you can keep working.

New Products

Hard Metals has experience with the full scope of engineering Agricultural tools for people with unique problems or OEM distributors. We’ve brought designs from first thought all the way through to final product for many clients.

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