Tillage Points and High-Quality Tools

The early 1980s tungsten carbide being used heavily in the Australian mining industry. After working with the material there, some key people saw the opportunity to extend tungsten carbide into the agricultural industry. Farmer Bill Staughton, agricultural innovator Barry McFarlane, and entrepreneur Ron Ainge began experimenting with the idea of tungsten carbide protection on tillage tools.

Most tillage tools on the market today are now tungsten carbide protected. An Australian innovation in this field, it is now used around the world.

Hard Metals Australia, founded by Ron Ainge in 1982, is now one of the biggest tungsten carbide distributors in Australia. As a manufacturer of wear parts and ground engaging tools for a variety of industries, we have a wealth of experience to draw from in designing exceptional tungsten carbide protected products. It is with this experience that we share our Wearparts product line with our customers.

Hard Metals Australia offers tillage points, various high-quality parts and tools used for agriculture.