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Jun 2017 - NW-NASTT Trenchless Journal Spring/Summer 2017

May 2017 - In its Spring 2017 issue, Trenchless Technology Canada profiles Alberta-based horizontal directional drilling contractor and Hardmetals Canada customer Hot Rod Directional Boring. Click here to read.

April 2017 - Find us in the latest editions of Trenchless Australasia and International. Click image below to enlarge.

February 2017 - The patented Wombat hole opener is a significant step forward in the art of reaming and hole opening. With built in stabilization, the flexibility of the in the field replacement of cutters diameter and cutter type (PDC, MT, TCI) and excellent down the hole performance, the Wombat is a worthy accessory to any driller's tool box.

With recent success in Australia and Canada, the Wombat is popping up everywhere. With its performance guarantee, customers can't help but rave about this tool.

Find us at booth #349 NASTT’s No-Dig Show & ISTT’s 35th International No-Dig April 9-13, 2017 • Washington, D.C.

January 2017 - You can find us in Trenchless International Winter issue.

December 2016 -
Further great results with RD1 Wombat body in Canada, one body 2 sizes used by the customer 12” and 16”.

Customer comments: “Bore length of 160m,  piloted a 6-1/4” PDC bit we were averaging 14 minutes a rod 15 foot drill stem. On the 16” ream we were pulling 8-1000 lbs the fastest rod was 8 minutes the longest was 22 minutes but mostly around 12 minutes a rod at 80 rpm and 60 gpm. The Wombat was really impressive it reamed very smooth the torque on the rotary never spiked, it put the competition to shame.” Chris MacNeil HRDB


November 2016 - From 9-7/8" pilot hole to 30" hole in one pass, no problem for this PDC hole opener. – Edmonton Alberta, Canada November 2016



October 2016 - Hard Metals excels in Canada.


August 2016 - You can find us in Canadian Underground Infrastructure (UTI) magazine July/August 2016 edition.

July 2016


October 2015 - Wombat success in Canada. Contact us for amazing detailed results.

September 2015
- Hard Metals Australia stand at No-Dig Downunder Gold Coast – 2015

Product launch – talk about versatility – PDC or rollers, what will it be? 




May 2015 - We have moved to our new location in Eastern Creek, NSW.


31 March 2015 - PDC bit repairs at its finest


31 March 2015 -  Don’t miss our ad in the Trenchless International magazines April edition


Bauma 2014 in China

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International No-Dig 2014 in MadriD

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October 2014 -
We are proud to announce the joining of the Australia Made
Australia Grown code of practice on our Wombat, Helibit and Wearmaster products.


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