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Wearmaster does exactly what it says. It masters abrasive soil conditions to enable effective and economic planting of productive crops. Wearmaster is a registered trademark of Hard Metals Australia who have been manufacturing Tungsten Tillage Tools for nearly 25 years.

Wearmaster offers an economic solution to all existing OEM points and sweeps in the market such as Keech, Janke, Flexicoil, Gessner etc and can be applied to weld on blocks, adaptors, mud scrapers and all areas where excessive wear occurs.

Wearmaster has its own range of Tillage points known as Flexi Fit. A unique system that allows you to change from various points to sweeps without having to unbolt or swap adaptors.

Weld On Blocks

Chisel and Deep Ripping Points

Direct Drill/Minimum Tillage Points

Row Cropping Tools

Cultivating Tools

FlexiFit System


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